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Let your final goodbye be done your way.

A funeral service is the last opportunity for family and friends to say goodbye. Give Eternal Rest Funeral Home the opportunity to say goodbye your way. Proper planning takes the pressure off of the decision makers and allows plans to be made exactly the way you want it. “ It’s easy to understand how making decisions now about your final arrangements can help assure those left behind that your wishes are being honored.” (, 2015) We are here to arrange all the final details so everyone can rest easily,

Family Support. Celebrating Life of a Loved One.

It’s a memory that we all want to forget. The last opportunity to see the loved one, to say the final goodbye to know everything was done just right. We will work closely, listening, providing assistance and support during this tough time. “After experiencing a loss many people feel alone and isolated, and by offering a kind or sympathetic word or a caring touch you can remind grieving people that you are there for them.” (, 2014) We know the feelings involved, the questions that need to be answered and ensure all arrangements are done. Arrangements include floral arrangements, final attire, memorial service, and any celebration of life get together.

Custom Services on Demand

No matter the religion or ethnic background, we can customize the service. We can arrange special services or speakers to accommodate the requirement. We will ensure all avenues are addressed and meet the standards. "From protocols for cleaning and dressing the body to features of the funeral service to memorial events, the structure that religious obligations and offers guidance to grieving survivors." (, 2014) All concerns and limitation can be addressed, our goal is to provide resources that meet any requirement that is personalized and customized for your loved one.

Flexibility without the Stress.

We are here to support your during your time of need. To handle of the final goodbye without the worry or stress. We offer flexible payment options along with customized packages to meet your needs. A discount is available for pre-planning arrangements. Contact us, we will work with any budget.

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