Weekly Updates!

Mrs. Reynolds' Class, September 8-11

Important Dates

*Parent/Teacher Conferences, Sept. 14-25

*St. Vincent Wellness Presentation, Sept. 11, 1:15pm

*Early Release Days, Sept. 24 & 25 (school is over at 3:20pm)

*PTEF Race for Education, Oct. 10

*Fall Break, Oct. 12-23

PHS Homecoming Spirit Week

This week students may wear clothes based on a theme each day to celebrate the Pike High School Homecoming game on Friday. Please see the list of themes below to understand what your child may wear to school. This, as always is a choice, and students are more than welcome to wear their typical uniform to school. I will be wearing my typical "teacher uniform" each day to ensure that no child feels left out of this celebration. :)

Tuesday 9-8, Colts gear day

Wednesday 9-9, Dress for Success day (think "power suit")

Thursday 9-10, College gear day (college t-shirts or sweatshirts with uniform bottoms)

Friday 9-11, Pike pride day (red & white colors)

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Reading Workshop

Students will learn to describe the most important parts of a book in order to identify the main idea and supporting details.

Students will be encouraged to:

*determine what a picture is mostly about

*use details from the picture as evidence to justify their thinking

*use the word "because" when explaining their thinking

*identify details within illustrations (characters, emotions, setting, events, etc.)

*identify story ingredients

*determine the main idea of a picture with a partner

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Writing Workshop

Students will learn to think like a reader while writing in order to create stories that engage others in reading.

Students will be encouraged to:

*take risks in their writing

*make pages with pictures and words that match

*write down as many sounds as they hear in a word (it doesn't need to be perfect)

*use correct letter formation

*sequence details of a story in order

*create a title for their story

*add their name as the author

Math Workshop

Students will learn to represent their thinking in a variety of ways in order to create accurate journal entries and participate in math discussions.

Students will be encouraged to:

*use a variety of math tools to solve problems

*label patterns in their journal (AB, ABC, AAB, ABB, etc.)

*verbalize their math ideas to a partner or group

*record their thinking in a math journal using pictures AND words

*create patterns using a variety of materials