Lockdown Update

24th August 2021

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Dear Parents & Caregivers

As you will all be aware, the Level 4 lockdown has been extended until midnight on Tuesday next week. All indications are that it will be extended further, as we all work to get the outbreak under control. While it is disappointing to be in lockdown, it is necessary. If we all do our part, we will be able to eventually get back to enjoying our freedom again. In the meantime, keep safe in your bubbles.

We have been delighted with how well the vast majority of students have transitioned into online learning. On Monday, we did a quick survey with staff to gauge engagement levels and 94% of students have engaged with at least one of their teachers.

A reminder that every student has a Google classroom for each of their subjects and one for their tutor class. Work is posted in the Google classroom for students to do and teachers also communicate with the class and individual students through this platform.

We do acknowledge that it is unsettling to be planning week to week, and this makes it harder to get routines established. However, if we compare this to 2020, then it will probably be several weeks before we are back enjoying face to face learning. It will be easier for students to assume it’s online learning for a few more weeks and to really focus on getting a good routine going.

Managing online learning at home is challenging and can be frustrating at times, especially when parents might be essential workers, managing their own work from home and taking care of other family members. Below are some ideas on how parents can get the most out of online learning.

  • Establish routines and systems to get and stay organised. Like you, your child needs a routine. Encourage them to get up, take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and get ready for learning. Set times for your child to start their school day and stick to this.

  • Create a space - Ideally your child can work at a desk or table, but whatever their area is, it needs to be prepared as a space to do schoolwork. So, if they are working while sitting on their bed, it should be made up and they need to have space for their books, pens and paper.

  • Support and encourage your child to set small goals. Open their Google classroom, read through the work set, organise what needs to be done for the day, and check in regularly with them throughout the day. (Don’t forget, they have a separate Google classroom for each subject).

  • Communicate and work together with your child. Ask them to show you their learning and listen. Your enthusiasm can often encourage them to try that little bit harder. If they have questions you are unsure how to answer, encourage them to email their teachers.

  • The natural temptation for students is to spend more time on their favourite subjects. Parents and caregivers can help by talking with their children about a balanced approach. Having a routine which allocates some time to all subjects is important.

  • Take a break and be active. Physical activity is a natural way to reduce stress and anxiety and can often help with problem-solving and memory.

If you have any concerns, students and parents/caregivers can contact subject teachers and Deans/Assistant Deans by e-mail. Please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are here to help.

Don’t forget that the guidance department is still available to support you.

Contact Details

A full list of Deans' and teachers' contact details can be found HERE.

Community Support

  • Alcohol and Drug Helpline: 0800 787 797
  • Family Violence Info Line: 0800 456 450
  • Healthline: 0800 611 116
  • Warmline (Mental Health Peer Support): 0800 200 207
  • Victim Support: 0800 842 846
  • Outline: LGBTIQ affirming support line and face-to-face counselling: 0800 688 5463
  • Suicide Crisis Helpline: 0508 828 865
  • Anxious/depressed: Text 1737 to talk to a trained counsellor 24/7
  • Central Auckland Foodbank: 022 045 8184 / foodbank.co.nz
  • Women’s Refuge 0800REFUGE or 0800 733 843
  • Oranga Tamariki call centre 0508FAMILY
  • Lifeline 0800 543 354 or free text 4357
  • Youthline 0800 376 633 or free text 234
  • Samaritans 0800 726 666

Parents who are essential workers - Access to childcare: CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION

Access to food or essential items - CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION

Random Acts of Kindness

Don't forget, it's Random Acts of Kindness Day on 1st September! Find out more about how to 'RAK' during lockdown HERE.

He waka eke noa.

Mike Williams