Equations and Inequalities

By: Olivia Palmer

Theme: Gym/P.E. Class

One Step Equations

1) Sarah was in gym, they were doing a unit on tennis. They took out some tennis balls and put them in a bag. Then they got out a tube of 23 balls. When they added the tube into the bag they had 38 balls all together. How many balls were in the bag to start off with?


-23 -23

X = 15

2) Lucy was in gym class, and a group of girls were playing a game. Each girl scored 3 points. If at the end of the game they had 24 points, how many girls were in the group?

G(3) =24

3 3

G = 8

One step Inequalities

3)There were some girls on team A in gym class. Three girls decided to quit the team. You have to have at least six girls on the team. How many girls are left?

A-3 > 6

+3 +3

A > 9

4)There were some crates of baseballs in the gym locker room. There were 18 baseballs in each crate. In total, there are at least 90 baseballs. How many crates of baseballs are there?

C x 18 > 90

/18 /18

C > 5