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Lorenzo v.s Christian (Compare & Contrast)

(Lorenzo and Christian) They both went to high school with Resilience.

They both won the uwrc with triumph .

They both are males With conviction on their side.

Lorenzo Adhered to college, Christian didn't go to college

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Caine's arcade

Caine was a boy who made an Idle arcade out of cardboard, He had almost always no one that came to his arcade But he did have Persistence. This man who needed a car part came in and found the arcade. He played some of the game and after he left he told people on Reddit and Facebook to come to the arcade. They did and caine got so excited.

Lee, Leo and Gerald (Problem and Solution)

Lee Leo and Gerald were separated during their time on the orphan train, but their adopted family's put them back together every summer until they are older. Their original family discarded them, so they got sent to a orphanage except for 1 year old Gerald he stayed with his father. They had perseverance, that's how they did not yield and could stand all those month's apart.
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The book that told you about Lee