Quick Tech-Tips e-Newsletter

for teachers on the go

I know you all are busy and finding the time to explore new technology is the last thing from your mind most days, so I am hoping to make your jobs easier by offering a monthly e-newsletter featuring some of my favorite new instructional technologies that I have come across.

If you come across a technology tool or idea that you would like to me to share with the staff, please let me know. I am always looking for new ideas.

Apps Gone Free

This free app is a must-have! Every day hundreds of apps reduce their price to free for a limited time as part of their marketing strategy. Take advantage of this opportunity to find some of the best free apps for the day. A lot of them are games, but several of them are educational.

Copy and paste any YouTube link into site and click "Generate Safe Link". Click on the newly generated link and enjoy your YouTube videos ad free. You can then Share and Save your new link to a variety of places such as GMAIL.