My DEAR Project

My DEAR book is........


By: David Lubar

Whose Point of View is the book Told From?


What Type of Point of View is it?

1st Person


The book takes place at the boardwalk and beach in New Jersey



Chad is a helpful and caring teenager that loves to hangout on the boardwalk with his best friend Jason.



Malcolm, also know as the "Bozo" is a thin man with long hair and has a unique personality.

Give one conflict that is found in the book. Lebel the type of conflict it was.

Character vs. Character

Chad was accused of robbery, by the store owner of Royal Cabana.

Summary Of The Book

Chad is captured the "Bozo Tank" and wants to work there. He soon finds out the great "Bozo" is his new tenant whose name is really Malcolm. Chad isn't too excited because Malcolm did not help him when he witnessed Chad being accused of robbery. Chad thinks that Malcolm is up to no good, but soon finds out out that he is trying to help him get the job at the "Bozo Tank". Chad learns many life lessons throughout his journey as he also faces tough times.