4th Grade News 3/14/16

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Important Information

3/14, 3/15, 3/17-Parent Teacher Conferences

On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday school will dismiss at 2:15. Conferences will be held from 2:45-6:00. Your child was given a confirmation sheet with their scheduled date and time last week. Their scheduled date and time is also written in their agendas.

3/18-No School

3/21-3/25-Spring Break

4/18-4/19-4th Grade ACT Aspire Testing

5/4-4H Field Trip at the C.A. Vines Center in Ferndale, AR

Many parents paid 1/2 or the total amount ($50) for this field trip in November when the 4H staff came to Stagecoach. Final payment is due by May 1st.

Math, Science, and Social Studies


On Monday and Tuesday students will complete the fraction model by answering fraction word problems and multiplying a whole number times a fraction. On Wednesday we will begin our unit on decimals.

Science-We started our electricity unit last Wednesday. Students learned how to make simple circuits and learned how light bulbs work. I'm not sure how much time we will have for Science this week with our early dismissals. I hope to get two labs worked into our schedule where students will explore different types of circuits.

Social Studies- We will continue to read aloud The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg if time is available.

Reading, Writing, Vocab and Word Study

Word Study--We will be using St. Patrick's Day themed words this week. Students will have a test on Thursday for bonus stickers!

Reading--We've finished our mythology unit and will be spending time this week working on a March Madness Book Tournament. We will also continue our class read aloud, No Talking.

Writing--We will write stories using Emojis this week.

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