Assalaumagaleikum from Kazakhstan!

My dear brothers and sisters!

I greet you with the love of our Lord , Jesus Christ: Peace to you! The winter holidays are approaching: New Year and Christmas, so I congratulate you and wish that our Heavenly Father will give you more grace, peace, joy and love to share the Good News with others. May 2014 year be filled with many blessings and gifts! Let the desire to devote ourselves to prayer increases, waiting and watching, thus being prepared for the second coming of our Savior!

I would like to share with you how God is working in my life in this blessed country!


All over the world, Muslims celebrate this holiday for three days. During the first day of the celebration at 5:00 in the morning, people go to the mosque to read NAMAS (prayer). During this day they are sacrificing lambs, sheep, cattle, camels and distributing the meat to neighbors, the poor and other people. They take the example of Abraham sacrificing his son. Islam says it was Ishmael, not Isaac, and ”God provided a ram caught by its horns in a bush.” (Genesis 22) Muslims believe that during the days of Aita, everybody should be in a good mood, helpful and gracious, to forgive each other and reconcile. They visit the sick, the needy, orphans and widows in order to help them and make them feel the festive atmosphere. There is a list of good things you can do in these days of celebration (sauab) – heavenly reward.


The King will reply, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.

There are already half a year since I am in KZ, 5,000 miles far away from home. I live gladly, serve and teach Kazakh culture and customs. It is a little bit difficult to learn the Kazakh language, but I am happy that many people are speaking Russian and I can serve them every week. On Fridays, we have our team meeting where we pray, read the Bible, communicate, share our experiences, sit down at ”dastarhan” (low table) and drink tea and sweets.

It is very difficult for many homeless people in the city, especially during winter, to feed and heat themselves. Many of them sleep on the streets, at bus stations, in damp houses without doors and windows. I am frustrated and sad to see this and remain indifferent. A man named Vitalie, born in 1972, Russian citizen came to work in Kazakhstan. After a time the employer cheated him at work and fired. Now he did not know where to go. Disappointed, he lost the meaning of life. A terrible thing happened to him... accident… he was hit by a car and arrived at the hospital with pain in the right leg and back. He could not even get out of bed. It seems that while he was unconscious, the doctors took his bone marrow fluid for another man. After this, he was again on the streets, very sick and walking with the help of crutches. He was living among other homeless and began to beg. Now he lives in a dirty house where people throw trash and is very wet, cold and dark…

When we visited Vutalie for the first time, he was surprised that we got to him. He began to cry and pray for us, even though we should be the first ones who would propose him to pray together. I remained speechless, he did not have anything except life and faith in God that helped him to live till now. We cleaned his room, brought clothes, a cover, food and a New Testament. At the moment we rent a house where Vitalie and his grandfather, Arcadie, will spend the winter in warmth and comfort.

Everything we do is for our LORD

Pray for the salvation of their souls and for a new life in a new house. My friends and I started to help 20 homeless people twice a week delivering warm food, winter clothes and sharing the Good News to them. Dear friends, we have a warm house, food, clothing, money, much or less is not important, but most importantly is that we have God’s Word. Let’s help people and show God’s love "AGAPE"

Feed and share the Good News

I have a suggestion: Let’s bring joy and love to people donating together at Christmas holiday…

Let’s help 10 homeless people giving 15$ per person (food and clothing); TOTAL 150$. I already have 30$. Let’s help 10 orphans giving 7$ per child (boxes with candies); TOTAL 70$, I already have 15$. Think and pray about this and make the right decision!

I wait your answers on my e-mail.



v To devote more time for God in prayer, hear His commandments and accomplish them

v To be always ready to serve street people

v For a good health during winter

v For blessed journeys through different localities in Kazahstan .

v For my financial support and the missionary one..


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