Building my PLN

Professional Development on My Terms!


Short Term

  • Stay up-to-date on available resources to implement in my classroom
  • Connect with other like-minded educators
  • Share resources that I discover

Long Term

  • Build meaningful relationships with other like-minded educators
  • Create content to share

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Reddit Community

r/teachers, r/teaching, r/education and r/edtech

  • ~ 30,000 subscribers total

  • Used by a diverse population, including Barack Obama, Bill Gates,

  • Online social community

  • Users create, gather, distribute, and evaluate and the content

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  • News aggregator that collects content from blogs and news services as it is published
  • Ability to categorize content for personal and professional reading
  • Favorite blogs include TeachThought, Taught by Finland, The Daring Librarian, TED Ed, and many blogs written by classroom teachers
  • Commenting allows for connections!

Other Social Networks

I use Pinterest to collect and organize teaching ideas. I love that resources can be organized visually and shared easily.

Twitter has also become an important addition to my PLN. I follow the #edtech and #education tags.