St Cecilia's News

St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School - Advent 2018

Advent has arrived!

The Season of Advent begins this Sunday and of course we have our Christmas Fair tomorrow.

Thank you for your donations, we are looking a little bit light on some of our stalls and we would appreciate your further help.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and generosity, if you have not brought in your donation yet, or feel able to give again, please bring it to the school hall at the end of the day.

We are particularly looking for sweets and small toys, however anything from the list will be gratefully received.

Toiletries (male/female)

Sweets and Toys

Small cakes and biscuits

Mince Pies and Drinks (cartons of juice or Capri Sun type juices)

Drinks for Café (cans, cartons, or bottles of drinks)

*Please ensure that all food and drink items are unopened and in date.

Thank you

Your PTA and all the staff

Advent Calendar Online

Our chaplaincy team have been busy this week creating a new Advent Calendar for you. We hope that your family will enjoy opening a pane each day as we make our way through Advent. We have prayers, Christmas craft and videos to watch each day. Click on the link below to access the calendar.

See you at the Fair!