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Family Newsletter: October 2020

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2020-2021 OUSD School Calendar

Includes start and end dates of school, as well as all holidays

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Everything you need to know to support your family through COVID-19 in OUSD!

A note from the Principal

Hello Grass Valley Families!

While these first few weeks have been a hectic, it has been incredibly enjoyable to see your scholars in their Zoomroom, small group meetings and Community Meeting each day! I am so deeply humbled by the amazing work each of you is doing at home to support your scholar. Please know how appreciated you are!

Important Reminders:

  • Attend ALL Class/Small Group Sessions - All students have access to Class Meetings and Small Group instruction with their teacher each day. Please be sure that your scholar is attending ALL Class Meetings (8:30a) and ALL small group sessions, as these are CRITICAL for learning growth this year.
  • Student Accountability - as we continue Distance Learning, it is critical that we are supporting our scholars in developing a sense of accountability and responsibility for their OWN learning. We know that you, as parents and families, ONLY want the best for them, and this means that it is critical that you allow students to do their OWN work. When students are taking assessments or completing assignments, it may be difficult not to lean in and help them with the right answer, BUT when you help them get the "right answer," their teacher then thinks that they know the material and will move on, even though the student cannot truly do the work independently yet. Please, support your scholar's teacher by allowing your SCHOLAR to take the assessment. If they miss some answers, know that their teacher then knows exactly where to start teaching!
  • Enrichment - Enrichment (Art, Dance, Music and Library) has begun for all students between 12:30-2:00p. Each class is scheduled differently, so please be sure your scholar refers to their class' schedule for exact times. While Enrichment is optional for all families, it is HIGHLY encouraged and a great way to support your scholar in growing in more than academics this year!
  • Materials - Please support your scholar is having their materials ready for their Zoom meeting each day. These include a charged Chromebook/device, pencil, paper, workbooks, and any other materials specific to their class. If you are interested in creating a more supportive learning space for your scholar at home, please reach out to the Grass Valley office for support/ideas!
  • Student Zoom Expectations - Students should have their cameras ON while on Zoom during ALL sessions hosted by Grass Valley Staff. Please be sure you are supporting your scholar with this and letting the Grass Valley Office know if there are issues with your device that prevents this. This is a safety measure during this time.
  • Parental Controls on Devices - All OUSD Loaner Chromebooks are controlled by the district settings around parental controls and cannot be altered. Oakland Undivided Chromebooks have NO pre-set parental controls, so students should be monitored while working on them AND families should enable parental controls following directions HERE.

As we continue through a year that will be challenging in many different ways, it's important to me that you know the ways in which I will continue to support and build the Grass Valley Community.

As your principal, I promise...

  • honesty & transparency in sharing all information with you as quickly as I can
  • flexibility in being understanding about where each of you are during this crisis and how this impacts your family's needs
  • support in finding the balance that best supports ALL of our students
  • a continued focus on equity as a school so we can serve ALL of our students to the best of our abilities
  • a continued focus on team as we all lean in in new and different ways to support our greater community this year

Once again, welcome to the new year and I look forward to "seeing" you all on August 10!


Casey Beckner


CLICK HERE: Learn More about CREW

Crew launched last week! Our current focus is on Toolbox, but this will let you know a bit more about where we are going this year.

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Want your student to join a Learning Pod? CLICK HERE!

If you would like to consider having your student join a Learning Pod with other Grass Valley students during the COVID Closure, sign up here.

4th and 5th Grade Learns About Cyberbullying and Gender Stereotypes

CLICK HERE: Sign up for the Extended Learning Program!

Complete this application to allow our After School Program staff to support our students during the day and continue to partner with us this year!

Upcoming Dates

  • 10/12: NO SCHOOL

  • 10/14: SSC Meeting (3p)

  • 10/19: GV Way2Go Prize Pick up!

  • 10/20: Perfect Attendance Party with Coach Colbert

  • 10/30: Student of the Month (2:30 - Zoom Assembly, 3p-5p - Teacher Car Parade!)

  • 10/30: Trimester 1 Ends

  • 11/9-11/13: Family Conferences

  • 11/11: NO SCHOOL

  • 11/16: GV Way2Go Prize Pick up!

  • 11/16: Report Cards due to Families

  • 11/18: SSC Meeting

  • 11/23-11/27: Thanksgiving Break (NO SCHOOL)

Distance Learning @ Grass Valley

Click the link to learn more about Distance Learning at Grass Valley in 20/21!

Grass Valley Community Mural

Background of the GV Mural

Jamila Harris, a parent of a current Kinder student at Grass Valley, has been working this spring to engage our parent community in working with local artist, Keena Romano, to design a mural for our large outdoor cafeterias wall. We are so excited to show our Grass Valley pride and community spirit through this artistic expression.

Vote for your favorite mural design!

Soon, at Grass Valley, you will have the opportunity to vote for the mural design that BEST reflects our school community. Preview the two options below!

Want to showcase your "likeness" on our community mural?

We are looking to showcase the likeness of 4 scholars on our community mural. Any Grass Valley student who is interested in having their likeness showcased on our mural as a representation of the amazing scholars that are a part of this community may work with their family to write a 250 word essay answering "What do you enjoy most about the Grass Valley Community?" Essays are DUE to Ms. Beckner by October 31.


Each week we will focus on a different area of the Grass Valley Way during Whole School Meeting, but ALWAYS our Eagles are displaying being SAFE, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE!

Self Regulating with Toolbox!

We are excited to use Toolbox at Grass Valley!

What is Toolbox?

Toolbox is a social-emotional learning curriculum that supports students in building concrete skills to help them self-regulate when escalated (ie. angry, anxious, disappointed).

What can you do at home to continue working on "self regulation" with your Eagle?

Continue working with your scholar on understanding the Tools we have reviewed at Grass Valley.

How will my Eagle learn about Toolbox?

All students will participate in Crew Time, which is a small group (4-12) of students and one adult, who meet together to build community and social skills, specifically related to self regulation. These will be important communities of connection for our Eagles this year.

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A bit about Ms. Beckner...

As I enter my second year as the principal of Grass Valley, I am excited to continue building relationships with our amazing students and families and promoting student achievement through teaching and learning. It is my goal to support our learners in whatever ways are needed, so please connect with me if you have any questions or needs. Welcome to Grass Valley!