Willie Mays

Baseball Hall of Fame

Why I Selected This Person..

I selected this individual because he is such a good mentor to younger baseball and softball players. He also influenced a lot of African- Americans to play baseball. He was one of the best baseball players of all times.

Individual Accomplishments..

  • He began playing professional baseball at age 16 on an all-African American team.
  • He hit 20 home runs in his first season of playing MLB.
  • Some people say he had the best throwing arm in baseball.
  • He has the record for most putouts for an outfielder at 7095.
  • His career batting average was .302.
  • He is in 3rd place for most home runs of all time with 660 home runs.
  • He has won 12 Golden Glove Awards.
  • He was MVP for two seasons; 1954 and 1965.
  • In 1964, he became team captain of the San Francisco Giants.
  • He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1979.

Universal Values..

Some things Willie Mays valued were freedom, respect and equal rights. Willie Mays valued equal rights for blacks and whites because he live in a time of segregation. He valued freedom because he just wanted freedom to play with whites and not have to worry about being killed during a baseball game. He showed a lot of character by going out on the field and playing like nothing was wrong. He also wanted respect as a baseball player, because he was just as skilled and talented as any white baseball player and be deserved to be out there with them.

Why he is a good mentor for children..

Willie Mays was such a good baseball player, that he still inspires kids to this day. People can still learn something from him- even after so many years. He wasn't good at only baseball, he was a multi-sport athlete and he also excelled in many school subjects. He is a true example of a perfect student athlete because of his great work ethic.
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