What We've Been Learning In ELA

By: Mallory Millsap

Reading Strategies

For the past couple weeks we have been learning about reading strategies to better understand what we are reading. The strategies include predicting, visualizing, questioning, connecting, identifying, inferring (drawing conclusions), evaluating, and using our inner voice the correct way.
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Reading Strategies


Predicting is making a guess on what is going to happen in the story. We need to use a specific quote from the text and use are background knowledge. Our predictions may not always be correct, but they do help us better understand our reading.


When you visualize, you form a mental picture. It's almost like playing a movie inside your head. Visualizing helps us picture the story and when we can see what you are reading this shows that you are understanding what you are reading.


When we question, we are asking something about the story. We use sentence starters like, who, what, when, where, how, why, and I wonder. We answer questions while we read the story so our questions get answered closer to the end, when our questions are answered we understand the story more.
These are only three of the reading strategies. All of these reading strategies help us better understand our reading.

How Sixth Grade Has Been Treating Me

Sixth grade is great I really like it, I only sometimes have trouble with my locker and I love all of my teachers. Can't wait to see what comes my way next.
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