The Origin of the Plauge

This is my project for school on greek myths.

One dark, rainy day in ancient Greece the god-king Zeus’ roar of anger shattered every window in the great castle on mount Olympus. The great king had just received a letter stating that his brother Hades had just killed a village near Olympus and one of his mortal wives. Zeus had Hades arrested and brought to the castle to await his punishment. When Hades arrived Zeus said to him “Well my young brother, what do you have to say for yourself’” to this Hades calmly mumbled “I have already done what needs to be said”. Zeus grew angrier than he had been before and so he questioned him again “Why would you kill off that village, why would you kill my wife and soon to be family, what did you accomplish in that WHAT?” Zeus was shouting at this point so Hades knew he had to reply calmly. “I did it to keep you humble, you know she wasn’t the only wife you have and you know you would only visit or think about her when there was dire need to, you didn’t care about her you never cared about anyone other than yourself and it was high time for you to feel the pain of losing someone.” Zeus was furious and in his rage he sentenced Hades to eternal banishment to the underworld. Hade had nothing but hate for Olympus after that. At first he had to struggle to survive in his new home. He would frequently get beaten and stolen from having not learned how to fight he had to teach himself. Hades would work hard to become anything to the underworld, committing crimes and then presenting the riches to the king of the underworld. Being Zeus’ brother Hades was not used to work at all and on Olympus would only commit crimes when and if he felt like it. Since he was banished he has had to get used to working for someone else. As he became more successful he slowly rose in the ranks of the underworld and he eventually got to be heir to the throne. Since the king had no children he took Hades under his wing and taught him how to rule the dark kingdom. Hades gained knowledge and strength and as the king would tell him about ruling he would often let Hades rule for a few days to test him on what he learned through these tests he learned to be a great and feared king. When the demon king died Hades had been blessed to replace him on the throne. King Hades was bent on revenge against his brother and all of Olympus. First he sent his minions to find the most vile and aggressive viruses and bacteria and mix them together into a deadly poison. He then did his best to poison every stream, river and brook around Olympus turning the water into a deadly poison itself. No one knew about the evil plot or poison about to wreak havoc on Olympus and its citizens even the gods and goddesses that resided on the mountains. Very quickly a mysterious disease started to infect entire districts at a time and there was nothing the gods or goddesses could do to save their people. Then the gods started getting ill and the mortals were dying like mayflies and still the gods of healing could do nothing. With every death Hades would grow stronger and his minions even more powerful. Hades was planning to mount an attack up to Olympus once his brother got sick he would go up to Olympus and finish him off. Zeus catch sick about a month later and Olympus went to ruin. Without their king what were they going to do with the deserted kingdom. When Zeus was too weak to run the kingdom Hades seized the opportunity and launches an all out attack on Olympus. Hades and his minions breeze through what was left of Olympus’ guards and he goes to the main castle to kill Zeus. But when he meets his brother for the first time in centuries and sees him lying in bed sick, pained and helpless he felt sympathy for him. He then had a change of heart he gave the dying ruler the antidote and then sent more to the people. He sat with the king and they talked “hello brother, I’m sorry about the pain I had caused you for the past few years and I …” Zeus cut him off “I know that you’re sorry and I know that you didn’t want to kill or hurt anyone in the process you doing that gave me knew strength and it was a lesson I had to learn to better myself and my kingdom” Zeus coughed a little on the last words. Hades handed him the water on a nightstand by his bed and let him continue “After that first week you had left I was regretting sending you away I needed someone there who could distract me from my pain and who would need me to make sure they didn’t get into trouble” Zeus laughed and so did Hades. When the king had said what he had to hades forgave him and then left for his own kingdom. He called off the attack and had his minions leave Zeus and Olympus to recover from its losses. When hades returned to the underworld he ruled as if nothing had happened and so did Zeus. Even when one of the demi gods from another district asked if Zeus wanted to send the now recovered guards after Hades he simply replied with, “no leave him be” and that was the end of it. There are still traces of Hades’ original plague smaller, less devastating diseases and viruses, but people still get sick and die from them. Do not seek out revenge it can and will quickly escalate into something you can not control.