Dead Zones

By: S.O. & M.P.

Main Issues:

Dead zones have very low oxygen rate, which makes it hard to support marine life. Dead Zones also increase algae growth, causing to block sunlight that underwater grass needs to grow.

Negative Effects on the Enviornment

The amount of oxygen doesn't support much marine life so in dead zones, many marine animals either will go somewhere else or they will die. Dead zones are probably very harmful towards the fishing industries.

Regions Affected by Dead Zones

The Gulf Coast is affected greatly by Dead Zones because there are a lot of them and it causes drop in marine life.

Affected Wildlife

Marine life is affected the most because the oxygen level is low causing the crabs, fish, oysters, & other aquatic animals to suffocated and die.

league city area

Right now, dead zones aren't an issue, but they could in the future reach us because we are very close to the Gulf of Mexico which has major issues with dead zones. It could also affect the fishing industry and market if the fish are dying.

Causes of Dead zones

The dead zone occurs naturally, but humans is making it much worse by allowing tributaries to become overfilled with nutrients while those tributaries lack in other key nutrients. Nitrogen and phosphorus are the nutrients that contribute most to algal blooms. Intensive farming is the practice most commonly linked to dead zones.

Solutions for

-Use fertilizers on your lawn only when you need to and do so lightly.

-Make compost out of leaves and lawn clippings and use the mulch from that for your gardens. The nutrients from the decaying organic matter will act as a natural fertilizer for your plants.

-Plant an extra tree, some wild flowers, more grasses and maybe even a few bushes. The extra vegetation will decrease erosion. Try and plant native vegetation because it is better for the ecosystem.

-Pick up animal fecies right away.

-Consumer choices such as organic produce that uses less or no fertilizer at all and buying detergents that are organic and have no phosphorous.

Our Group Solution

An easy way to prevent dead zones is dont pollute the water. And try not to buy products with Phosphorus.