4th Grade Newsletter

March 6- March 24

Integrated Core

For our ELA skill work, we are preparing for state assessments by reviewing skills for overall reading comprehension. We are also learning about Waves and Information in Science. This week we have started our United States Regions Unit in Social Studies. We will be spending three to four days studying about each of the five regions of the U.S.A. At the conclusion of each region study, students will have a Regions Test. They are required to memorize the states in each region, thus taking a total of five tests. Study guides for these tests will come home on the first day of the specific region study. The tests will be open note for the comprehension based information.


Over the last two weeks, students learned how to measure using customary units of measurement. Tomorrow we will start learning about metric units of measurement. After Spring Break students will work on converting metric units of capacity, mass, and time. Our Topic 14-6/14-11 Test will be Friday, March 24. Then we will skip Topic 15 and instead we will continue on to Topic 16, which covers very important geometry lessons.

Important Dates

Friday, March 10- Afternoon Classroom Electronics Party for End of the Quarter Celebration- students paid 30 tiger dollars in order to participate- can wear pajamas to school and bring a special snack

Monday, March 13- Friday, March 17- Spring Break- No School

Monday, March 20- No School- Teacher's Professional Development

Friday, March 24- Topic 14-6/14-11 Test

- 4th Quarter Grades posted in Skyward

Monday, March 27- ELA State Assessment from 9:00-11:00 a.m.

Tuesday, March 28- ELA State Assessment from 9:00-11:00 a.m.

Friday, March 31- 4th Grade Hygiene Presentation