Milky Way Galaxy

Our home galaxy

What the Milky Way is?

The Milky Way is the galaxy our solar system is in. It is 100,000 light years in diameter, and is averagely 1,000 light years thick. It is 12.6 billon years old. It has over a billion stars in the galaxy. Second biggest galaxy in the local group of galaxies that the Milky Way is in. In the core of the Milky Way is a massive black hole.

Where is our Solar System in the galaxy?

We are about 26,000-28,000 light years from the core on the Orion arm

of the galaxy. Our sun has only orbited our galaxy 20 time. It takes 225-250 Million years to orbit the galaxy.

What does the galaxy look like?

It looks like a giant milky haze in the sky, which is where it gets the name. It a type of pinwheel shape to it.

Who Discovered the Milky Way?

Galileo Galilei was the first to see and show people by observing it through a telescope.