By: Jaiya jones


How you get your job is by your personality and your actions. We have recorded you doing your volunteer hours we have been watching if you were taking your job seriously if you take your Job seriously you will get a lot of money to provide for your family and get your the car that you need. You also need a very good job for grocery.


You can only have seven people in a household. There can only be two three kids and two animals of your choice . The two adults in your house have to be your biological mother and your biological father so that means no adoption if you do you choose to give your children up then you will be released which means killed in your kids will be placed in the Government nursing house.


For transportation the government has giving you a hummer limo. If you jacked up or destroyed or lost your hummer limo you will be forced to use your bike that you got at the nine ceremony. If you lose that bike you'll be released .


In the land of Jivervillie you have to follow all the government requirements. One of the requirements is that you have to begin to walk at the age of 2. At the age of 4 you get a bell for the nines ceremony. At the age of six you chose your volunteer hours. At nine you get your bike. 12 your supposed to marry. Last at 14 you get your hummer limo.


To work you can only wear jeans and a polo t-shirt if not you will be fired from your job and if you get fired you will be released for the lack of responsibilities . On free days your allowed to wear anything you want.