Actor in Rockford University

By: Brandon Ramos

What is acting?

Acting is all about pretending, doing something that you are not. You play different characters in movies, TV shows, musical plays, plays, radio shows, and speech. You can also act while doing some kind of comedy role representing someone else. To be able to be an actor, you must be able to communicate with other actors working with you. You must also be able to read your script without misunderstanding one of the words. You must also listen all the time. For example, listening to your director, but what is more important is listening to the other actors for their lines because if someone else is saying their lines and is your turn to say your line, but you weren't listening good. That is all you must know about acting.


With integrated studies in music, dance, and theatre, the bachelor of fine arts in musical theatre offers the best combination of theoretical foundation courses with practical performance opportunities. Students in the BFA program will combine exceptional training with a selected core of liberal arts courses designed to add historical context and insight into their creative choices. Our curriculum also includes frequent opportunities to view professional productions in Chicago, Madison, or Milwaukee as well as an optional semester of study at Regents College in London. The bachelor of fine arts in musical theatre is ideally suited for students whose goal is to pursue a professional performance career.

Majors are required to audition for every main-stage production and are encouraged to audition for as many Three Penny and Artist's Assemble Theater productions as their schedules will allow. Admittance to the program is by audition and must coincide with acceptance into the university.