Cyber Bullying

Spread love, not war

What I am going to do

As a concerned citizen of the online world, I am going to try to make a change. My cause is cyber bullying. I am going to do three things. One, I am going to create a blog to allow people to read about things that I find about cyber bullying. The point of this blog is to allow others to see another perspective on the subject. Second, I am going to start a campaign to get the attention of administrators to delete users who bully others. Thirdly, I am going to start a page for others to post their stories to.
Cyber bullying

What can you do ?

As a social media user, there is so much that you can do to help prevent cyber bullying. When you see that there is a user being cruel and using harsh language towards another, speak up. Report the user to the administration of the site. Joining in on the conversation and bullying the bullier, will not help. Take charge by asking for help. If you hear of someone being bullied online, tell an adult if you are not able to report them. Most of the time, the adult will make the right call. If the adult that you told doesn't put a stop to it, don't give up. Instead, tell another adult because eventually the right course of action will be taken.


Did you know that suicide is the 12th leading cause of death among Americans? More people die from suicide than from homicide. The leading cause of suicide is depression. A major cause of depression is low self esteem, the feeling of being trapped, drug abuse or feeling helpless. A contributing cause of the above mentioned, is being bullied. It's a domino effect. One causes the other and it only escalates and gets larger.

Have you heard about Amanda Todd? She was a beautiful young girl who took her life. Before taking her life, she made a youtube video explaining the horrible things that have been happening to her. She no longer felt safe, happy or like she deserved to live. Due to the online users that were attacking her day after day, she decided to take her own life. Amanda is not the only person know to commit suicide due to online bullying. Audrie Pratt, a young girl from California hung herself after finding that a video had surfaced online of three boys who assaulted her. The comments and the spreading of the video was too much to handle for the 15 year old. Jadin Bell was a young boy who was constantly harassed online for being openly gay. There were comments to him such as"faggot". The young boy killed himself when he was only 15. Kenneth Weishuhn, a 14 year old boy from Iowa killed himself after being bullied online. He was another boy that had been tormented and tortured for being gay.

Help get these numbers to drop. Help these kids have a purpose. Help prevent this from occurring again. Help kids realize how important their lives are.

What do you think?

Please respond in the comments underneath. What do you think would help? What do you agree with? What do you disagree with? How did this make you feel? Your words are worth so much more than you think!