Old Adobe Educator Weekly Round-Up

Monday 1/4/21 - Friday 1/8/21

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Dear Educators,

Let me begin by wishing you all a healthy and Happy New Year filled with many successes and continued progress. During winter break, I hope you had the chance, in the safest way possible, to catch up with friends and family and enjoy some rest and relaxation. I certainly spent some time reflecting on 2020 and think about the work and opportunities that lie ahead in 2021.

As we approach the holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., his work, and his legacy, I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes of his, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

One of the things I appreciate most about our Old Adobe Union staff is that we are not silent about the things that matter and together we strive to provide a high-quality education for each and every child. We are a team that places great value on ensuring our students' continued success and academic progress as they move through their academic journey while here at Old Adobe. I am excited to begin our work for the second half of the school year to ensure that learning continues. As we ring in the new year, we see this as an opportunity to check in with students and families to ensure that our students are on-track, prepared and ready for the second half of the year. What I have observed, as we approach the midpoint of the school year, is that our students need us and that our instructional and support teams remain energized.

Old Adobe continues to strive to become a District focused on educational equity and find unique and innovative ways to partner, support and create opportunities that make our community a place where all children enjoy learning, develop strong relationships, and continue to grow each day socially, emotionally, and academically. As always, thank you for your continued commitment.



Superintendent Lowery

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New Year! New Space! New Learning!

The building that will house the first four new classrooms at Loma Vista rose from the slab foundation last week. The all steel framework was receiving its final rivets and the roof was on last Friday. Look for walls this week. Using modular construction techniques means that the building projects have a much shorter timeline. Don’t confuse modular with portable though. This building is not going anywhere! The construction technique is modular but this learning space will sport clearstory natural lighting and store front windows giving each classroom lots of light.

The outlines of the new landscaping are also beginning to take form. Two outdoor learning areas are included in the design. One will be covered and the other will be incorporated into the pathways and courtyard. The landscaping will provide natural drainage as well, much needed on the adobe soil. We are planning to house classes in this space in August 2021.


Wrapping up 2020 with art, cookie-decorating, lemon volcano, the kindness elf, and more! In Kids Care and Bright Futures Preschool we are looking forward to continued learning, growing, and community-building in 2021 :-)


If you have traveled outside of the state over the winter holidays, please remember that current Public Health guidance recommends that you practice self-quarantine for 14 days after your arrival home, and limit interactions to your immediate household during that time. More information about how to practice self-quarantine can be found here.

Please remember to register for the Frontline Health Portal if you have not yet done so. If you have already registered, you may begin completing the daily health screening through Frontline when you return to work, and will no longer need to use the district's Google form. If you encounter any issues with registering or with completing the Frontline daily health screening, please contact Covid-19 Technician Cynthia Granato at cgranato@oldadobe.org.


We are looking forward to our first professional learning day of 2021!

THIS LINK will take you to the spreadsheet of all the session descriptions and session links. You can access all session folders and resources via this folder: January 5th 2021 Professional Learning Day. All sessions will be recorded and put into this folder as well.

Please make sure to pre-register for the Nearpod training if you haven’t already.

We will be taking attendance in each session, so no need to sign in anywhere.

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Replacing all HVAC Filters

Winter break is about here, which one of the times we replace all the HVAC filters in the district. We are installing MERV-13 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) Air Filters which many hospitals and medical facilities use. These filters are able to trap anything larger than one micrometer in size which effectively traps pet dander, mold spores, car fumes, smoke, bacteria and other micro allergens. This will add another layer of protection to all spaces throughout our district.


Sign Up Today:-)

The Food Pantry currently serves 120 families in our district community.

We need more volunteers to ensure that we can continue this service and provide this much needed resource.

Please sign up by clicking the button below.


We are not far away from updating our Layer 2 infrastructure, which will positively contribute to connectivity uptime. Scheduled installation is slated for the 3rd week of January.


January 4, 2021 - January 8, 2021

Monday, 1/4


Non-Teacher Workday

No Classified Workday

Tuesday, 1/5


Teacher Professional Development Day

No Classified Workday

Wednesday, 1/6


Miwok Valley Weekly Assembly @ 8:30 AM - 8:45 AM

Old Adobe Community Meeting @ 8:30 AM - 8:45 AM

Sonoma Mtn School Community Gathering @ 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Thursday, 1/7

Sonoma Mtn PTA Meeting @ 7:00 PM

Friday, 1/8

Loma Vista Spirit Wear

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