Snow White and the 7 little bears

By Isla

Snow White and the 7 little bears

Once upon a time there lived a King and a Queen who gave birth to a beautiful girl who had skin white as snow and hair dark as night and so they named her Snow white. Soon the Queen died and the king remarried a beautiful women. The king set off on a long journey but never returned.

Many years passed, Snow white’s stepmother raised Snow White up and hated

Snow white because she was so pretty. Snow white’s stepmother had a magic mirror, all she had to do was say, “ mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all.” When ever she said that to the mirror the mirror always replied, “You are the fairest of them all.” One day she asked the mirror once again but this time the mirror replied, “Someone else in this land is the most fairest of them all,” the Queen knew exactly who it was - Snow white.

The Queen wanted to get rid of Snow White so she commanded a hunter to kill her. The hunter was shocked but he couldn’t disobey the Queen. The Queen said to him, “kill her and bring me her heart in this box as proof.” The hunter sneaked behind Snow White with a knife and hid behind her. Suddenly Snow White turned around and saw him. The hunter was so sorry, he told her the Queen wanted her dead. The hunter told Snow White to run far in the woods.

Snow White ran into the woods and soon saw a little cute cottage. Meanwhile the hunter was giving the box of a fake heart to the Queen. At the cottage Snow White was cleaning that filthy, messy cottage. After she cleaned the cottage she took a nap. The cottage belonged to 7 little bears - Doc, Grumpy, Bashful, Dopey, Sneezy, Sleepy and Happy.

When the bears returned from work they could see the lights on in the cottage. The bears thought there was a monster in their cottage. The bears took a peek through the door and looked around in the cottage, it is all clean and shiny! The bears tiptoed upstairs and found a girl sleeping across 3 beds! “She’s a giant!” 1 bear shouted. Snow White suddenly woke up and begged to stay. She said “If you let me stay I’ll clean and cook.” “COOK!” the bears yelled. The bears agreed she could stay. Just a few days later the bears set off to work and Snow White cleaned the cottage. The Queen found out Snow White was still alive from her magic mirror and she used her magical powers to turn herself into an old lady and put a spell on an apple to make it poisonous. The Queen found out where the cottage was and went to the cottage. Snow White didn't recognise her stepmother, The Queen asked Snow White to taste 1 of her juicy apples. Snow White took a bite of an apple and fell to the ground and the Queen left the cottage.

When the bears returned from work and saw Snow White on the ground, they were shocked! So they took Snow White and put her in a coffin made of real gold. One day the prince found her, woke her up with a kiss, broke the spell and the prince helped her up on his horse and rode to his kingdom. They got married and lived happily ever after. THE END