Come to Volcanius

By Tegan Pounds


Volcanius is a town located in the North of Iceland. The volcano erupted last year destroying the town. Now the island is better and little to repair.

Reasons for you to come.

Volcanic areas contain some of the most mineral soils in the world. This is ideal for farming as it will help the crops to grow resulting in you making lots of money. If you live near to the volcano then you can harness the geothermal energy by using the steam from underground.The steam is used to power the turbines in geothermal stations to produce electricity for industrial and domestic services. Countries use this method of generating electricity such as Iceland and New Zealand.
Volcanic locations are often tourist attractions. You could set up a business and make lots of money selling things or you could even give guided tours. This would give you a chance to earn some money.
The magma from underground contains many minerals such as gold, silver, diamonds, copper and zinc. These can be mined after the lava has cooled. This could help you to gain money and would make a great business.

Come back to Volcanius!