Medlock Bridge Coaching Team

Bellagamba, Moreno, Woods, Martin, & Olson

Notes from your KSU Coach

It has been a pleasure partnering with the leadership, teachers and students at Medlock Bridge Elementary. This summary offers an overview of the collaboration experienced during our time together. A variety of coaching methods were used: lesson co-planning, lesson modeling and lesson co-teaching. Digital presence development, facilitation of small student groups, gathering of resources, Personalized Learning support, and collection of TiMO data were also responsibilities of the KSU Coach. Resources shared below offer a glimpse of technology integrated during this partnership period.

Way to go, Team MBES!

Kris McBride, KSU Coach

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Coaching Focus: Transformational Teaching & Learning

KSU Coaching Teams use the Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) as a focus of their partnership. The TIM illustrates how teachers can use technology to enhance learning for K-12 students. The TIM incorporates five interdependent characteristics of meaningful learning environments: active, constructive, goal directed (i.e., reflective), authentic, and collaborative (Jonassen, Howland, Moore, & Marra, 2003). The TIM associates five levels of technology integration (i.e., entry, adoption, adaptation, infusion, and transformation) with each of the five characteristics of meaningful learning environments.
The Technology Integration Matrix