Piengins Wish

Story about how piengins can swim and not fly

Penguins Wish

One day there was a penguin. This penguin had no feathers just pointy things he had wings he could also fly. It was his dream to be able to swim. One day he went exploring he found a glowing ice hill. He started pecking at it. After 3 months he finally got the rock. He knew that if you rub the rock it gives you a wish. The penguins wish was to be able to swim. So he rubbed the rock and he got a wish he wanted to swim. So he hopped in to the water and swam back to his house. Little did he know that wishes came with a price. He wake up in the morning and wanted to go explore when he jumped up and flapped his wings he fell right back down. He ran inside and looked at his rock poster and saw that the glowing rock was divice. He did some research on it and found that there was no way to revers it. So he lived without flying for the rest of his life.