Graces Work

Term 1 2013

Mosaic Art

In art we made mosaics about our family.

Text Types

In term 1 2013 in text types I did a prezi. it had a recount, limerick and a narrative.

video star

In term 1 we did video star. we had to go in to a group and film each others video.

mine terned out great!

Newspaper Article

Pa misses church

Pa is a very busy man. He has broken his ribs so he had to miss church and lay in bed. So ma, Mary, Laura and Carrie went to church while Pa laid in bed.

In church they heard that missing church was a sin. When the girls got back from church, they found Pa out working in the paddock. Ma was very worried about pa and she was a little bit angry because he could have gone to church if he felt better.