Gun Rights

To be or not to be

The Argument

The argument by government officials is that there are not enough gun regulations in the country. That the government needs to get more involved and that more laws are required to stop criminals from obtaining guns and to reduce shootings and killings in America.

The Pros And cons

Pros and Cons

The pros to this argument is that if there are more gun laws then there will be less guns obtained legally. Yes this means less guns and harder to obtain guns for the criminal as well. With less guns the country will be safer and there will be less criminals to attack us because there will be less guns available to them.

The Cons

The cons are that the people that are not criminals will have less guns as well. So when the people that are criminals obtain the guns illegally then we have no defense against them.

My Argument

There are criminals and then there are law abiding citizens. Gun laws do not regulate criminals. Criminals are going to obtain guns either way. If they have an intent to kill or mass murder then they are going to get it done whether they get the guns legally or illegally it doesn't matter. Gun regulations only affect the people that choose to follow the law and government regulations. So therefore gun regulations are not needed as heavily as people are trying to push for but need to be loosened so that more people can defend against the criminals that threaten the life of the citizen and or their family.