Gifted and Talented Tidbits 25

By Lenora Barnes 4/1/16


This week the kindergarten classes participated in a variety of activities. For a warm up, they solved word puzzles using rhyming, syllables, and critical thinking. The students finished their "Beautiful Oops" art project. The project was a three step process which required them to use creativity to create a design of random colors, then create an "oops" using lemon juice on their design, and finally create something beautiful from the "oops." During the final step, the students used their imaginations and creativity to change the splatters into objects just like the illustrator did in the story we read. We also began talking about the depth and complexity icons for ethics and multiple perspectives in some of the classes. We watched the book "Where The Wild Things Are" online and discussed ethics and multiple perspectives in the book. The students began an activity related to this.

The first and second grade students solved triad puzzles and plexars for warm up. The students also practiced more math word problems to prepare for the upcoming math contest. The students continued listening to and discussing our read aloud novel. The remaining class time was spent coding, researching, or writing the script for their project.

The third and fourth grade students also solved triad puzzles and plexars for their warm up. After the warm up we continued with the read aloud novel. The majority of the class time for this group was spent working on their individual study projects.


April 4-5, 2016 (Mon. & Tues.) No GT Class (I will be attending the TAGT Leadership


Noetic Math Challenge Contest - Week of April 11, 2016

GT Identification Letters Mailed- 4/15/16

5/16/16 - 5/19/16 TPSP Presentations Grades 3 & 4 ( New date)


Please remember that the GT students should NOT be required to make up any regular classwork that is missed during the time that they are in the GT pullout class. Also, no new material should be introduced during the time the students are in the pullout class.


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