Equal Marriage Rights

The debate over same-sex marriage

What is Happening in Court?

Right now, in the Supreme Court an argument over homosexual marriage and whether it should he illegal or legal is taking place. This topic has been discussed and talked about for decades in the US. Many arguments on the anti-gay side consist of religion, and children (Solomon). Some people on the court believe that gay marriage is "too new" so they vote against it (Liptak). By the end of June, the entire country will know if we are legalizing same-sex marriage (Totenberg).

Which States Do and Don't Allow Same-Sex Marriage?

There are 37 states that allow gay marriage and 13 that don't (States with legal same-sex marriage). Michigan is included in the states that don't allow it. This means that nearly 72% of the U.S. allows same-sex marriage. The opposing side claims that it's not an official marriage because it doesn't go along with the definition, stating that it is a legal binding of love between a man and a woman recognized by law (Freedom to Marry).

Why are People Against Homosexuality?

Many people believe homosexuality isn't good for children becuase it deprives them of either a father or a mother. They explain how a father and a mother provide the child with certain behavioral traits as they grow up and how each parent excels in specific parts of parenting. A mother provides social security and can detect physical and emotional cues form their children. A father reduces anti-social behavior n boys and sexual activity in girls (Ten Arguments from Social Science Against Same-Sex Marriage).