The Not-So-Annual Newsletter

by: Erin and Friends :) - Issue #4 - 4/21/15

Hacked by Rachel! LOL :)

Hey this is Rachel. I have hacked Erin's computer right before she sent the newsletter out. She should really check these things over. LOL :) See you guys later! :)

From the Laptop of the Editor

Soooooo... I loved this background so I decided to use it! It seemed very Spring-y. :) Well, I've been wondering, of course... What did you guys do for Spring Break? My family went to Missouri for Spring Break, including St. Louis and the Arch.

You know what? I can't believe this is already the FOURTH issue! WOWZA! :)


Anyways, enjoy this issue!

One last thing that I was wondering... Do you like shorter, more frequent issues (basically like this one), or longer, less frequent issues. (Kind of like what we have right now usually) in fact, I kinda like shorter, more frequent issues because less work for me! :) Ha ha jk but seriously... Anyways... That question and more are in the form of the issue!! Enjoy! :)

PS I was going to send this out tomorrow but I literally COULD NOT wait!!!!!! No joke. So that's why you'll see it either tonight or right away tomorrow.

PPS With your help, I get get the SUPER AWESOME June issue out by MAY! Cray cray I know but it can be done! BUT- only with your help! SO... send me those articles and pictures, y'all! :)

Throwback to When It Was Snowing...

But now as I'm writing this (on 4-21-15) it is raining/snowing! So it's not that much of a throwback!!!!! :( Yikes...

What do you like better, snow, what we have right now, or summer weather?

Picture by: Erin

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Favorite Vacations!

Spring break was recently, and summer vacation is closing in on us! In honor of vacations in general, I asked what everybody's favorite vacation destinations are, as well as where they might want to go some day.

Top Favorite Place People Have Been to: Florida and Alabama

Top Place People Want to go to: Australia, Spain, France, California, Hawaii

All Answers:

Favorites: Alabama, Mall of America, Madison, Michigan, Milwaukee, Florida, Gulf Shores, Aunt and Uncle's house

Want to go to: France, Germany, Australia, Spain, California, Paris, Africa, Florida, Hawaii, New York

Acronyms for Acronym

Last form of the issue, I asked what a good acronym for ACRONYM would be, so here were your answers... Oh, and since they were so creative, this time, I'm looking for an acronym for BLOSSOM, SPRINGTIME, and RAIN!

All Cows Run On New Yellow Mothers - by Olivia

And Cool Rachels Orange Never Y(is) M(a) (Cool color!!) - by Rachel

Always Cook Real Oranges, but Never Microwave - by Erin

And then there was this really nice one from Brianna...

Erin: Epic, Responsible, Interesting, Nice friend

Article by: Erin

PS Check out the form of the issue below for more acronym fun! :)


Unbelievably, I forgot to get person of the issue info last issue. Shocking, I know. Either that or I lost it. Also very shocking. (Ha ha, ha ha, nervous laugh, ha ha) Anywho, we are going to drop person of the issue for a while. Instead, I've decided to focus more on the website. So sorry if you wanted to be person of the issue that badly or something, but uh yeah. I'll think of something. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you even care. Probably not.