Liz's Art Portfolio.

By Liz Dominguez

Before viewing my art

Before looking at my art I would like to tell you what your about to see. First you will see a Spiral Line design, Zentangle animals, room in perspective, Op art, Name in perspective, 14 object challenge, and a sketch book. All these pieces focus on a different skill. Some on how realistic it looks or the coloring, even creativeness. Some focus on all three.

Spiral Line Design

This piece was the most challenging piece for me. It was hard because of all the dots connecting to another then crossing each other. Also making sure that I was going the right way. I think I had to do this twice because I kept going the wrong way. Also spacing the dots evenly was also very tricky for me. Even though this was a challenge I did enjoy making it.
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Zentangle Animal.

Zentangle art is full of patterns. I did an animal. I split up my butterfly in sections and in each sections i would put a different patterns. The patterns are usually almost all black. I painted with water color over each section.
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Room in Perspective

This was my strongest work because of all the little details I put into it. Shading was one of the major details. Shading helped the affect of the perspective. As the object was father away the color faded. Also the couch was a challenge to because of the curve. Over all I like this art work the most.
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Op Art

Op art creates an illusion. I chose to do one of a cube. The inner part of the cube appears to either come in or come out. Coloring played a big part in the illusion.
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Name in Perspective

This is my name in Perspective. Again coloring is a big part in this piece.
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14 object Challenge

This was a creative challenge. My goal was to use as much space as possible. A challenge in this piece was to be creative and not use the first thing that came to mind. Such as a house, I think of a square bottom and triangle top. In the picture I use and Apple house.
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Sketch Book

I really liked this sketch book. It was about what we would like to be doing in 15 years. I would like to travel to different parts of the world.
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How will I use this information in the future.

I probably will use this information in the future for many reasons. I now know how to draw more realistically because of the perspective work. The spiral design helped me realize that focusing on my work is very important and now I will focus more and not get distracted while trying to accomplish something. I learned that art work isn't just about the what you draw but how you color it. Shading was important because it help make my drawing more realistic. I've learned a lot and I'm sure going to use what I learned in the future.

After viewing my art work.

After seeing my art work I want my viewer to realize that drawing takes time. None of my work took 30 minutes to make. That it's okay to put effort into something. Also that they can do it to if they wanted. Also that little things make a difference. Little things such as how you color or shading.

I'm making sure people know that by including some it in what piece was the strongest and what was the most challenging. Also because I had what I talked about in my work.