Honolulu, Hawaii

By: Reagan Bond

My dream vacation

  • My dream vacation is to go to Honolulu.
  • Honolulu is located in Hawaii.
  • I want to visit Honolulu, Hawaii because of the beautiful beached there, Also, you can go surfing, scuba diving, and horse back riding!
  • The reason that Honolulu is so great is because of their beautiful beaches

10 Interesting facts!

  • Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii
  • Honolulu is the largest city in Hawaii
  • Honolulu was bombed by Japan in a surprise attack
  • Honolulu was Incorporated as a city in 1907
  • Honolulu is the #1 tourist attraction in Hawaii
  • There are over 100 surrounding beaches
  • Honolulu is 1,500 miles long
  • Honolulu means " Shelter Bay " in Hawaiian
  • Honolulu is the only city in the USA that is home to a royal palace
  • Honolulu was occupied by the Russians, French, and the British before the USA


  • The flight is 12 hours and 22 minutes
  • It is 3,877 miles away from Willis,Texas
  • I will take my sister ( Carson )
  • I will travel there by airplane
  • I will stay for 5 days (4nights)
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I will stay at the Embassy Suites Hotel. The hotel has free breakfast, it is 1 block away from the beach, It is also half a block to the shopping center,and it has a great view. I will have to pack my swim suit, hair essentials, shower products, and don't forget about clothing!
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  • My trip altogether will be $4,018
  • For 4 nights will be $1,288
  • Spending money, i will have $1,000
  • For breakfast its free breakfast, for lunch its $10, and for dinner its $15
  • I will travel by airplane
  • The plane tickets cost $865 for 1 person, but its me and my sister so that will be $1,730
  • for gas its $2.89 per gallon


  • While I am in Honolulu i will go snorkeling
  • In Honolulu you can do surfing lessons on there beautiful beaches!
  • My destination provides beaches, trails so i can go horse back riding, and go paddle boarding on there beaches
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