Women & Children on the Goldfields

By Kevin.J


On the goldfields there were lots of men but only a few women. Some came and worked in shops but most stayed at home with their kids. Sometimes women helped on the goldfields having many roles to perform.

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roles and responsibilties

Women on the goldfields sold sugar, jam, wood, water and flower. Some women stayed at home cleaning the house or cooking for their children and some women would go and help they husband at the goldfields.

Children on goldfields have to help their parents by getting water from the creeks and collecting fire wood so they can cook food. Some women were shopkeepers on the goldfields so they could get more money.

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Women on the goldfields give birth to a baby assisted by other women not doctors. There is a disease called measles and it is red spots and it can kill people.Some children drink muddy water they die and lots of children died.

children and education

Chidren moved schools often.Parents kept moveing to find richer goldfields.Often there was no schooling because there was no school built.Some were made from tents.The roof was made from a canves material.
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