No Uniforms In Public Schools!

Students deserve the right to express their individuality!

Reasons Against Wearing School Uniforms

  • It subtracts students' liberty to take decisions.
  • It doesn't let students feel distinctive and unique.
  • School uniforms hinder the need for the self expression of a kid. Sociologists claim that it may cause unsuitable ways of expression by kids, such as offensive usage of makeup and jewelry.
  • Uniforms take away children's identity. The pressure on a uniform dress code in school counters the spirit of unity in diversity and its merriment. It is even believed to confine socialization, an imperative feature of human nature.
  • In contrast to civil dress, school uniforms prove to be ineffectual and futile once the kid is out of school.
  • Another bad consequence of school uniform is that it denies the children the ease, which one feels on wearing different kinds of garments, as per personal preference. This uneasiness might unfavorably reflect upon the academic performance of the kid.