Nancy Clutter

Characterization: In Cold Blood

Character: Nancy Clutter

Nancy Clutter was the daughter of Herb and Bonnie that faced her tragic death in the Clutter home along with the rest of her family. Depicted as the perfect daughter, the death of Nancy is one that rocked the reader of the novel to the core.

Rhetorical Analysis

Capote's characterization of Nancy Clutter allows us as the reader to have a more personal connection with her. While she is shown as the perfect all American daughter, she also has some characteristics that give her a more real feeling. We, as teenagers, can connect with her on an actual level about things that she is dealing with. Plenty of teenage girls like a boy that her father doesn't approve of. While I am not one of them, I have friends that do.

We also get a sense of the future she could have possibly had. By making her look like the perfect daughter, taking care of Kenyon, keeping the house up to par, it almost makes a comparison to her mom. Bonnie is practically bed-ridden and slacking in the mother department, but Nancy seems to take up for her where she slacks. It gives us more of a connection to Nancy because we can see the potential she would have as a mom, and how successful she would be in life. It makes her death even more sad because we see all of the potential that was lost on Nancy Clutter.

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