"Out of order"

By:Isabella Jones {MANGLE}


"Why are you doing this....it's effecting other people," he said, weak as ever."You know what we did, and you know why we did it...even if he dose find a way out, we did it for the best."
"Just leave me be.I want to be left alone."
For a moment he was silent, but try as I might, he turned around, and then I regreted even saying a word.

"Banishment To The Cove"

Just as I was making a escape plan, a light brighter than the Night Guards flashlight shined right on my robotic eye.I then woke up in a pitch black room.
"That's much better." I said faintly.
When I finally got to my feet, I noticed I was behined.......

"Banishment To The Cove, Continued"

Curtains.Old, rugged, curtains.
"What?!? Where am I?" I said, as quiet as a mouse.
Sudenley I heard a sound of an old door.Then, it was followed by the sound of......a human?I then thought about who it could be?

The Phone Guy😎

I thought about how the phone guy distracted Mike, Jeremy, and Fritz so that we could creep closer , and closer to his office.


Then, for some unknown reason I thought about my time spent in the cold dark cage, in the bright, but wretchedly named, "Freddy Fazzbears Pizzaria, at 205 Washington street, " And thought to myself,
"All I wanted was to be on the stage, but I lived my dream from inside of that cage."
I turned around and saw my old best friend, withered as ever.His name............was Bonnie.
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True Frendship never Witheres.

"BONNIE!!?"On the outside, I was shocked, but on the inside, I was felt as if life was giving me a brake from the torturous ride, filled with crying cup-cake winning kids.I immediately ran to him-smile of confusion spread across my face."Bonnie, i missed you so much!!

"Bonnie, what's wrong??
"Wh-Why.....why-y di-did you d-do it......d-don't th-they ma-matter t-to you a-a-any m-more?
"What are you talking about.....

Burning Flames.

The next day I asked Bonnie where we where and he responded
"The new pizzeria."
Suddenly, I remembered my time spent at the cruel but new, "Freddy Fazzbears Pizza 2. looked like they where just toy versions of us, but no one else seamed to think so.......

Hide & Seek (Bonuce paragraph )

Ding Dong I know you can hear me, come on out and play, I only want to play a little. Ding Dong I am getting closer, my teeth are red & sharp, they glisten in the moonlight. Ding Dong maybe in the the the closet, is your hiding spot, was it really just that simple? Ding Dong your not here maybe by the bright glowing lamp, on the fresh picked lilac wall. Ding Dong your not here ether, this is like a never ending race I'll win.Ding Dong I have now found you, I have won this game, now you'll take our losing prize of Death-Death-Death-Death-Deeeeath. ( Jumpscare )

Burning Flames ( Continued )

The bit of 87 is going to happen in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4--------
Just as he was saying, "5" I turned and saw a kid, who looked like I did before that purple man came and......pushed me out of my body....forever.
( Stomp noise. )
The last thing I saw was a trail of red liquid coming from his forehead. Then I immediately went..........on............rampage.............mode!!!!!!!!!

Death train

I woke up in a place that felt almost like home......almost. A bright streak of light grasped me....and my curiosity got the best of me.