Marco Polo

By: Josh

Marco polo

The incredible story of Marco Polo starts when he was just a boy at the age of 6. When Marco was 6 his father and uncle left to go trading and soon become rich. While his father and uncle were gone on their journey to become rich his mother died. Marco’s dad also didn't come back tell Marco was 15, which means his father was gone for 9 years.

Raymonte Latuheru

Amazing Grace by Raymonte Latuheru

Marcos Adventure

Marcos Adventure

Now let’s start on his journey. Marco left for china/orient in 1271. It took him 3 years to reach china/orient. On Marco’s journey to Chengdu he got very sick with what we thought was malaria. When he got to Chengdu he got to meet Genghis Khan’s grandson Kublai Khan. Kublai Khan had the biggest empire in the world. Marco was Kublai’s spy kind of, he told Kublai about stuff happening all over china/orient. That’s all I know so I hope you liked it.

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