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Texas State Literacy Plan

Happy Monday CBLT's,

Wow! We only have a few short weeks left for our Standards Based Instruction Course. Hopefully, each of you are gleaning new ideas to implement on your campuses. Here are your weekly updates from the TLI Grant. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me via email. Have a good week and see on online!

  • This week, 0-School Entry and K-5 will continue working on SBI 5 and 6-12 will continue working on SBI 6. Your site/campus-based leadership team has until April 14th to submit your SBI 5 or SBI 6 Assignment and complete the quiz.
  • Our third Grant Implementation Team (GIT) meeting will take place on May 30th in the central office board room. At this time, we will discuss EOY data, the summer institute, etc. All teams will complete this data during the CBLT meeting. Please come with your updated DIPS. Also, teams will need to bring their completed Leadership and Standards Based Instruction Binders.The GIT will take place from 8:30 - 11:30 am. Breakfast will be provided for CBLTs. Invitations will be sent to all CBLTs.
  • The TLI Summer Institute will take place on July 24th - 26th, in San Antonio, TX. All CBLTs are expected to attend. More detailed information will be provided at the upcoming GIT meeting.
  • Be sure that all members are taking their tests/quizzes. If tests/quizzes are not taken on or before the last day of class, credit for the course will not be awarded. Tests/quizzes are taken independently.

Heart of Texas Writing Project

A Call for ELA Teachers from Colleen

The Heart of Texas Writing Project (HTWP) Manor Cohort will be a group of ELA teachers representative of various grade levels throughout Manor ISD. Participating in this institute will help teachers develop their knowledge and abilities as writing teachers and as leaders in literacy professional development. Participants will spend a good portion of their time at this institute writing, reading, and consulting with other teachers in the Manor ISD cohort. Once teachers have completed the first week-long institute during the summer, they will be valuable members of a cohort of excellent teachers from Manor ISD and will receive support in their teaching and continuing professional development through monthly workshop sessions. Teachers will be appointed literacy leaders at a Leadership Institute in June 2014, after completing all institute work and attending the monthly workshops throughout the 2013-2014 school year.

All Manor ISD English Language Arts teachers, grades PreK-12

Summer Institute: July 8-12, 8:30-4:00
Ongoing Workshops: Monthly, 1 full day, throughout the 13-14 school year
Leadership Institute: June 2014, 2 days TBD

All institutes and workshops will take place within Manor ISD, at a central location or on various school campuses.

We invite all interested teachers to apply to be part of the Heart of TX Writing Project Manor Cohort. The TLI department will provide a $500 stipend to all teachers participating in the Summer Institute. You can download the application on the Manor ISD website. All applications are due by April 26, 2013.