Legalize Marijuana

Kevin Curtis


Why should marijuana be legal nation wide?

Marijuana should be legalized in the United States because the incarceration would decrease gradually and taxes would go down in some cases. The number of people arrested for weed related charges in 2014 was 700,993, 2012 was over 749,000 people, which are much lower than 2008 which was 847,863. Also, the rate of people who are saying that weed should be legal is currently at 56 percent, and the people who do not agree with the legalization of marijuana is at 44 which is close but not winning. If the polls closed today weed would be legal which could benefit millions of people. Although some of those people are saying yes for recreational use, some of them are also trying to legalize it because of medicinal use.
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Donald Trump has no position on this subject

Donald Trump has yet to release a position on the legalization of marijuana. If Donald Trump was to release an opinion on the legalization of cannabis then he could potentially earn some votes and rise up in the polls.
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Hillary Clinton also has not given a final position on the legalzation

Although Hillary does not give a final position, she does plan to "reschedule", move to a different classification then the one it is currently in. Marijuana is currently in the "controlled substances" classification, which includes: Heroin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, etc. Hillary wants to do what Barack Obama said he would but never did which is reschedule pot.
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Republicans disagree with the idea of pot legalization

Most Republicans at the GOP disagree with the idea of marijuana being legalized. They believe that "marijuana is more potent now then ever". Only 39% of Republicans are voting to legalize marijuana. Also, it is believed that the party against legalizing pot will progress in polls.
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Democrats support the legalization of weed

The majority of Democrats agree with the majority of the United States and want to legalize pot. 65% of Democrats vote to legalize it. This is a vast majority to the percentage of Republicans who are against the legalization of weed.
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Gary Johnson agress

" I am the highest-ranking official in the United states... we should legalize marijuana" Gary also believes that the drug arrests would go down, but in Colorado they have not since legalizing marijuana.