Third Grade is UnBEElievable

Mrs. Waller

Happy New Year!

We celebrate the new year of the church with this Advent season. We have daily prayers with the whole school, a prayer with our neighbors grades four and five, as well as a short Advent prayer in the classroom as a new ornament gets hung on our classroom tree.

Testing Next Week!

Third graders will participate in state mandated testing next week. We will test each morning next week. It is important that the children get a great night of sleep, a protein packed breakfast and be on time to school. Each child is highly encouraged to bring a healthy snack and a quiet activity to look at when others are still testing. We will not have homework this week or a spelling test.


Practice those facts!

We are well on our way in multiplication. We will be having a test on the first unit before Christmas vacation. I will let you know the date as it becomes clearer. Third graders must practice facts nightly. It is incredibly difficult to move forward without basic facts. Right now our focus is on using tools to find the products. Eventually, knowing the product needs to be automatic. the nightly facts for five needs to be solely multiplication.
Click on the word Blog above to take you directly to the homepage of the teacher blogs. Select my name and check nightly for notifications and homework postings. I am restating this as it has come to my attention that parents are unaware of this page. There are links to other newsletters on this page as well as assignments and what we are doing in class. I hope you check in periodically.


As Christmas approaches, some new school supplies are needed. These can be great stocking stuffers or small gifts. Each student needs a pair of headphones to have in class daily. We were lent a set from the lab and as the year has progressed they lab needs them back. All students need a set when we return from Christmas vacation. Also it is a great time to grab glue sticks, markers, colored pencils, a new journal, and crayons.

Christmas Program

The Christmas Program will be December 17th. Details to follow.