Louboutin vs. Tommy Hilfiger

By: Jailynn Hamlin

The Battle

Many people love to be fashionable. But we all prefer different designers . So who's better Louboutin or Tommy Hilfiger.

Ok, so we all know that money talks and Louboutin's net worth is 85 million but Tommy Hilfiger wallet says 6.1 billion. So this round go's to Tommy, so far the score is 0:1

.Now lets look at where they are from because lets be truthful clothes from Italy or France are better than clothes from other places. Louboutin is from Paris, France. But, Tommy is from America where they don't really have a fashion sense. So the score is 1:1.

Finally, Scandals. Tommy Hilfiger was caught being racist toward Asians, Africans American, and Hispanics. Louboutin products were worn by Kerry Washington who plays in "Scandal". See what I did there.

The Final score is.........

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Louboutin WON!!!

Surprise, Surprise, Louboutin won.
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