Year 11 ICT Coursework Catch Up

Oak Academy - OCR National ICT Coursework sessions

Fallen behind on your assignments?

Take this opportunity to catch up on your missed work from previous units. In the dedicated catch up sessions you can spend more time with your ICT teacher. This provides you with extra guidance to complete work from units 8 and 20

Every Wednesday 3:10 till 4:30 IT1 & IT2

Both IT1 and IT2 have been made available for us to use for these worthwhile sessions. Students will be grouped by their subject teaching and then use either room depending on the numbers attending.

Your ICT teachers are on hand to help...

Come join us before it's too late!


  1. You will need to register your attendance
  2. You will need to know what you're working on when you arrive
  3. You will need to submit your completed work on Edmodo before you leave