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Week 5 - Block

Week 5 Update - Final Project Time!

This week we will finish Unit 2 and begin Unit 3. The conclusion of unit 2 brings our first final project! These are a big deal…kind of like a test. Make sure to check the details below on Final Projects.

Then we move on to Unit 3 which is all about the house! This is another fun and practical unit. You will love being able to describe your homes in Spanish!

This week's assignments

Below are the assignments that are due during week 4. Please make sure to submit them by Friday at 11:59pm. If you are behind and need help getting caught up, please, communicate with me. I want to help you!
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RLC Opportunities

Below are the RLC opportunities for this week. You have to attend one RLC during Unit 2. Take advantage of this before the opportunities are gone.
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What is a Final Project?

Final Projects are a showcase of everything you have learned during a unit. It is a platform for you to put everything together for communication purposes. This product also allows for you to get creative and personalize the course. I love grading final projects! They have so much personality and really allow students to have some fun with the language.

The Unit 1-2 Final Project requires you to use a web 2.0 tool. You may choose between the following tools Authrostream, Prezi, Sliderocket, or Slideshare.

Spend some time with this. Add personal foots, drawings, art, ect. Make sure to site your visuals appropriately if they are not your own work.

You do not need to include the questions on your slides, be creative to incorporate the material in a conversation like setting. You will include the question part of the assignment in the slides where you ask your teacher questions.

Make sure to start your presentation with a greeting and end it with a closing.

Allow your personality and language abilities to shine! You are graded on your ability to use the web 2.0 tool, your Spanish mastery, and your creativity. Let the innovation begin!

Keep an eye out in the learning block this week for more information about the Final Project.

Tutorial and Additional Resources

Learn Spanish - Describing your personality (part 2)

Señora Velazquez

Keep in touch; I am happy to help you!