Texas christian university

Home of the horned frogs

  • Located in fort worth Texas
  • programs they have are athletic trainer/training
  • TCU has no minimum requirements for GPA
  • TCU stats scores are 1630 to 1900
  • cost is 55,630 a year
  • student to facility ratio is 13 to 1
  • the annual average is 65.5F
  • Fort Worth's climate is continental and humid subtropical, characterized by wide variations in annual weather conditions, long, hot summers, and short, mild winters.
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Overall GPA*ACT ScoreSAT ScoreRank in Class**

Deans Scholarship3.8532.22095Top 4.6%

Faculty Scholarship3.7130.0196910.6%

TCU Scholarship3.6429.0190211.8%

Founders Scholarship3.6528.4189513.4%

All Scholarships3.7730.920047.5%

  • my goal is to get my Sats score over 1600
  • i wake take athletic training classes
  • i can do that athletic training program through the high school

things to do

  • See priceless masterpieces in the world-renowned cultural distract
  • Explore the true American West in the Stockyards National historic distract
  • Shop and dine in the 35-block Sundance Square or catch a show at Bass Performance Hall
  • Dine in one of many Fort Worth restaurants offering everything from Tex-Mex and BBQ to world-class cuisine.
  • Stroll through the Museum of Living Art at the top-ranked Fort Worth Zoo
  • Experience life in the fast lane at Texas Motor speedway

How to pay

  • Get my sat score up to 1600
  • Get scholarship money
  • With any extra money i need to pay is to pay with the money i have saved up


  • Classes i need to take are body works and chemistry and more training classes
  • I have taken sports med and E care to reach my goal


Some volunteer work that i can do is the athletic program at the high school, so i can get involved and learn more and the job of an athletic trainer