Australia Brochure

A land like no other


There are many attractions of Australia and New Zealand. From the Outback of southwestern Australia to the mountain peaks of New Zealand. Along with many new modern achievements like in Sydney.


Great Britain has been a huge part of australian from internal issues or external. Most of the internal issues were cause by the british entering the country and the aborigines fighting back, they took aborigine children known as the Stolen Generation. External issues mostly arose in the 1940s when Japan fought in Port Moresby and Australia fought back this is one of the phases of the battle of the Coral Sea. Still owned by the British at the time this was mostly an air mission by the RAAF. (Royal Australian Air Force)


This is an example of music originating in australia.

Other than that most of central Australia is still heavily influenced by aborigines and their tribal culture. Still with split tribes and cultures. Many of the tribes have problems with the modern government.

Weather and Avg. Temp

During their summers they are at an average of 77 degrees F to 88 degrees F and during their winters it can plummet to 48 degrees F which for us here doesn't sound to bad.

And the climates of Australia range from tropical to arid. On the east coast with the attractions there is a temperate temperature.


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