New Americans


New Immigrants

Millions of immigrants came to the United States between 1880 and 1920. They all had different reasons for leaving home , but they hoped to create a better future in their new homeland.

Ellis Island

Many immigrants from Europe were taken to the immigration station at Ellis Island. At this station immigrants had to get permission to enter the country. At Ellis Island, docors checked immigrants for dangerous diseases. Government officials asked immigrants questions abouut where they were from, what kind of work they did, and where they planned to live. Immigrants often spent the day waiting in the long lines at Ellis Island. Once the examinations were over, they took a ferry back to New York City and they could begin their new lives in America.

Angel Island

Many immigrants from Asia first entered the United States through angel Island in San Francisco Bay. During the early 1900's a law limited the number of Chinese immigrants who could enter the United States. Most Chinese immigrants had to prove that they had family memebers in the United States to be able to enter the country. Many were held at Angel Island until they were able to do this. Many Chinese immigants spent weeks or months on Angel Island.

A New World

Immigrants to the United States often faced a world very different from their original homelands. Many who entered large bustling cities were used to life in small villages. Many immigrants would often seek to live in communities with others from their homeland because these communities offered familiar languages and customs, which eased the transition to life in America.