panama vacation broushur for 2012-2013

land and climate

1panama cover over 29120 miles of butifulland.

2averge evey day of 80 deger aming.

3averge in the mointansof 55 degeirsof cool weither

4valcanos make the land amazing senery .



1the econamy is so stuff dosent cost much

2 20 % of labor force stuff will be clean

3 10% of rich people so there you are rich

4 35% of tratian that good so the poeple are nice


1panama used for the canal for a welil but now it is a butiful water way ride

2 in1979 panama was a free conchry by us it is now a us teretors

3in 1999 the us granted panama the nutality

4in 1968 panama was ruled by a hero