Crime Scene Investigation

By: Haylee Maxey


When you are a crime scene investigator you get paid in between $67,970.00 and $129,800.00.

What You May Investigate

Time and Cost for Education

You usually work from about 8:30 to 4:30 five days a week, but you must also be able to come to any emergency situations/calls whenever you are needed. The cost for education is around $12,926.00 dollars. The cost for tuition/general, parking is about $5,938.00. The cost for your average double room and board is around $6,988.00.


when you are a crime scene investigator some tools you may need are: crime scene tape, flashlight, latex gloves, paper shoe covers, tweezers, pen, sketchbook, measuring tape, magnifying glass, containers, evidence bags, and a camera.


Some rules you have to follow in csi are the code of ethics, the criminal procedure, the safety procedure, grid search, line search, link search, ray search, and the spiral and zone research.

College Fees

A good college to go to when you are a csi is the University of Texas at Brownsville or Texas Southmost College. The admission for the first college is about $10, 010.00 a year.