Children's Peace Monument

by Robert

Where is children's peace monument located and how to get there.

The monument is located in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, Japan and it is near Hiroshima train station.

Why did they build the statue?

Sadako’s school and classmates help to build the statue because Sadako died at the age of 12 with leukemia. She was making a 1000 paper cranes because she believed that she would get 1 wish if she made 1000 paper cranes. Sadako's classmates made the statue to remember that Sadako never gave up on her dreams.

Why should tourists visit?

The Children's Peace Monument is there to remember those that had died from the effects of the atomic bomb. One girl that had leukaemia did not give up and her name was Sadako. She believed that if you made 1000 paper cranes you would get one wish.

What can you do there?

You can have a picnic and learn how to make a crane. It is a wonderful place.